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in the broadest of definitions, anyone with a web site is conducting internet marketing. however, to be successful one must do more than just build a web site and hope that visitors, prospects and customers find it. even the most sophisticated, technologically advanced site is a disappointment if it fails to attract visitors, generate leads and ultimately produce a return on the investment.

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today’s internet is saturated with billions of web sites. staying competitive requires a well-designed and executed online marketing plan. perhaps the most important element of any marketing plan is diversity, implementing a variety of strategies in tandem.

developing a web site is not enough. if your site can't be found by prospective customers, it’s as if you have no web site at all. search engine optimization is considered the most important element of effective web site promotion, but is not the entire picture.

response builders will help you determine what are the best methods to generate traffic to your web site.

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internet marketing: terms and definitions

online internet marketing
marketing products and services via the internet.

web site marketing
marketing products and services via your own web site.

email marketing
marketing products and services via email.

banner advertising
paid advertising on a web site; typically not a search engine and often a graphic ad versus a text listing like a paid search engine advertisement.

link building
the act of soliciting and establishing links from like web sites to your web site.

search engine marketing:
the act of marketing a web site via search engines, whether this is improving rank in organic listings, purchasing paid listings or a combination thereof, along with other search engine related activities.

organic search engine optimization
the act of altering a web site so that is does well in the organic, crawler- based listings of search engines.

paid search engine advertising
advertising programs where listings are guaranteed to appear in response to particular search terms, with higher ranking typically obtained by paying more than other advertisers. also called "paid placement," "pay per click" and "cost per click."

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