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choosing the right linking strategy (link analysis and link building)

a key aspect of search engine marketing has to do with link analysis. link analysis is the  measurement of the number of incoming links, or popularity of your web site, in combination with the quality, or reputation, of those links by the search engines. every major crawler-based search engine uses link analysis as a large part of their ranking algorithms.

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response builders utilizes the following 5-step linking strategy process:

  1. current link structure analysis
    response builders will perform search engine research to determine the site’s current link popularity and link reputation. this information will serve as a benchmark for future strategies and monitoring purposes.
  2. competitor link structure analysis
    response builders will analyze your online competition’s links. doing so will help to determine the quantity and quality incoming links we will need to surpass your competitors.
  3. developing linking strategy
    response builders will develop a linking strategy for your company based on the information we gather from steps 1 and 2. 
  4. executing linking strategy
    response builders will execute our linking strategy. we will seek out quality links from applicable trade associations, clients, vendors, directories and sites that link to your competitors. we will also educate your company on how to continue the strategy overtime.
  5. monitoring linking strategy
    response builders will monitor your linking following implementation of the linking strategy to make sure the search engines have accounted for newly acquired incoming links.  (see usage report analysis)

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link analysis defined:

link popularity:
the numerical count of incoming links

link reputation: what incoming links say about your site

due to increased competition on the web, the search engines struggle to consistently return only quality web sites to users. as a result, search engines, namely google, have begun to rely more and more on link analysis as a means of determining the importance of each site.

the rationale:
the more times a site is linked to by other sites, the more important it must be. in the process of analyzing a site’s links, a search engines will consider both link popularity and link reputation. while it’s important to capture as many incoming links as possible, what has become most important is who links to you and how they link to you.

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