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what is a purl personalized url campaign?

so, what is a personalized url or purl campaign, anyway?

a purl is an unique blend of a highly personalized direct mail piece or letter and an online landing page or micro-web site. 

step 1: a personalized direct mail piece is sent. 
each direct mail piece is highly personalized. 

purl personal url postcard sample 

 step 2: the recipient types in their personalized url and visits their personal landing page.

purl landing page example


step 3: the recipient receives a very personal email reminder to visit their purl if they do not respond to the direct mail piece within a designated time period.  the email links directly to the individual's personal landing page.

sample purl email

step 4: the goal of each personalized landing page is to persuade the recipient to respond to the call to action. this response could be filling out a contact form, making a purchase, clicking for a coupon, clicking a link to browse another page of your site, etc. recipients that respond to the call to action make the purl campaign a success!


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are you one of the 85%?

85% of all companies will have some elements of personalization to reach unique customers and specific market segments by 2009.



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