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frequently asked questions about web site design, search engine optimization and search engine marketing

q: is it possible to track the number of visitors to my web site?

a: yes, software is available that can not only track the number of visitors to your web site but also the time and day of the visit and the page visited one page before your site. these reports are an important tool in analyzing the effectiveness of your web site.

site usage software is often provided by most web hosting companies.


q: how much does a web site cost?

a: web site development costs vary. many components make up the price of a web site including the number of pages, types of pages, photography /graphics, search engine optimization, target audience, etc. 

response builders offers a free web site consultation designed to iron out these details and give you a detailed estimate.


q: when is the best time to secure my internet domain name?

a: register your internet domain name as soon as possible. as more and more companies go online, the pool of good domain names is becoming increasingly scarce. response builders can assist you in acquiring a domain name. 


q: how will a web site benefit my company?

a: a web site can quickly and easily give your company extensive exposure, which in turn can increase your base of potential customers. while local tv, radio, and print media will get your company’s name out to the local population, a web site can present your company to potential customers from around the world.


q: why do i need a web site if i advertise on tv and radio?

a: in a market that's competitive for consumers’ attention, you need a tool that can help you break through the clutter. a web site is a dynamic and interactive way to provide consumers with information about your company that neither tv nor radio commercials can. as the number of consumers "online" increases, so does your need for a web site to reach those consumers.


q: i own a small company, how will a web site benefit me?

a: for small companies, web sites are a huge advantage. a web site levels the playing field for many smaller companies that would not otherwise be able to compete with larger competitors. smaller businesses with modest advertising and promotion budgets can present just as professional an image on their web site as their larger competitors, giving everyone a fair shot in the marketplace.


q: what is the best way to insure that my site is visible in the search engines?

a: while getting and maintaining a good ranking in the top search engines can be tricky, response builders does all it can to help get and keep your site in the top spots for keyword searches. we employ the latest techniques as we build your search engine friendly web site designed to obtain a high ranking, and we consistently monitor your site to keep it at the top. 


q: what is the best way to attract repeat visitors to my web site?

a: in order to attract repeat visitors to your web site, your site must offer visitors something new and interesting. simple modifications such as posting a newsletter, replacing old photographs, and updating company information can keep your site fresh and keep visitors coming back to see "what’s new." the dynamic nature of the internet makes it easy to update your web site to insure that it is an accurate and current reflection of your business. 


contact response builders to schedule a free web site consultation.

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q: how can i let people know i have a web site?

a: make sure your web address is visible by including it anywhere you print your company address and phone number: stationery, brochures, labels, invoices, signature files and business cards, to name a few. if you advertise in trade magazines, newspapers, tv, or radio, be sure to include your web address in your ads. get your web address out there, and soon you’ll be directing potential customers to your site. 

also, consider internet marketing efforts such as email marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click search engine advertising.


q: can a web site really save my business money?

a: absolutely. an effective web site should contain elements that are designed to save you money or generate new revenue. ask response builders to help you identify the elements your web site should include that will guarantee you a positive return on your investment.


q. how many pages does my web site need?
the number of pages depends on how much content you have and the nature of your organization. every site should have obligatory pages such as an 'about us' page, a 'homepage' and a 'contact page'. but realistically, most sites have at least 10 pages and go upwards from there.


q. should i pay for search engine optimization?
developing a web site is not enough.  if your site can't be found by prospective customers, it’s as if you have no web site at all.  search engine optimization is considered the most important element of effective web site promotion, and is well worth the additional investment.


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